Welcome to the Website of Gota Got to Stay!
Friday 12, July 2024

Welcome to the website of Gota Got to Stay!

Our site is dedicated to all sons and daughters of Mother Lanka immaterial of their ethnicity, creed, religion or caste who are interested in preserving a united, peaceful and prosperous Country. Our focus is to deliver neutral messages of pragmatism and hope.

Hear me for my cause, and be open to what you may hear. Please censure my thoughts in your wisdom and awaken your senses so that you may be the better judge. – Sounds eerily like Brutus’ speech to the Romans. We are currently in a similar predicament in Sri Lanka. A leader like Caesar, who brought fame and fortune to his people and enriched and empowered many, is being labeled a traitor and shunned by his own. As it was in Rome 44BC, Mr. Rajapaksa is betrayed by his ministers, beneficiaries, and citizens.

No leader or human being is without fault, and I am sure the President has many faults, but the brutal civil war would not have ended if not for him. There is always the victor in victory, and there is the vanquished. The Sinhalese people believed they were the victors and many Tamils believed they were the defeated. But if one takes a moment to analyze the outcome with an open mind, the citizens of Sri Lanka were the victors. Why, may one ask?

Priority to National Security

Our government adopted many new methodologies to safeguard national security without compromising the democratic space available to our people.

Friendly, Non-aligned, Foreign Policy

The basis of our foreign policy ensured that Sri Lanka’s territorial integrity and independence are respected and protected in the interests of the citizen and future generations of this country.

Sustainable Eco Management

Ensured that the environment is protected in all our development plans. This will ensure that future generations are handed over a country that is not polluted.

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